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CoverWire is dedicated to making you an informed bettor. We'll not only provide you with insight so that you can make an informed selection, but we'll also recommend who to pick in EVERY NBA game. We use all of our statistical knoweledge to predict a final score to every game and have developed a system to use it which will make money for you. You not only get to see our predicted score, but we'll also tell you which games are stronger than others. You'll get recommended winners ATS and on the moneyline.

Let us help you be a winner.

Here at CoverWire we want to be very open about our record. We aren't going to make any crazy claims that we never lose or that we have a "guaranteed" pick. What we are going to do is show you exactly what games we picked and what our record is to date. We believe that once you see how consistent we are at winning, you will want to let us help you become a winner.

Check out our track record since 2002 or our great success at betting the moneyline.

Educating the Bettor

We want you to get more for your money than just picks. We want to help you understand how to make winning bets and we'll also keep you better informed of recent trends and analysis. We'll provide you with some of the most indepth injury news and analysis on the internet and let you know when players are getting benched or getting more playing time.

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