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MLB Schedule and Results
8/31/2014 9/1/2014 9/2/2014 9/3/2014 9/4/2014
National League
-1.5New York at0 ET
Projected Starters
NYM: Jon Niese
Mia: Brad Penny
Betting Breakdown
Philadelphia at0 ET
Projected Starters
Phi: Kyle Kendrick
Atl: Mike Minor
Betting Breakdown
Milwaukee at0 ET
Pittsburgh at0 ET
-1.5St. Louis0
Projected Starters
Pit: Jeff Locke
StL: Adam Wainwright
Betting Breakdown
-1.5San Francisco at0 ET
Washington at0 ET
-1.5Los Angeles0
Arizona at0 ET
-1.5San Diego0
American League
Boston at0 ET
-1.5New York0
Projected Starters
Bos: Joe Kelly
NYY: Shane Greene
Betting Breakdown
Cincinnati at0 ET
Projected Starters
Cin: Mat Latos
Bal: Bud Norris
Betting Breakdown
Detroit at0 ET
Projected Starters
Det: Kyle Lobstein
Cle: Carlos Carrasco
Betting Breakdown
Toronto at0 ET
-1.5Tampa Bay0
Anaheim at0 ET
Texas at0 ET
-1.5Kansas City0
Chicago at0 ET
Seattle at0 ET
Projected Starters
Sea: James Paxton
Oak: Sonny Gray
Betting Breakdown

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